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Law enforcement say an increase in US highway shootings is causing more problems nationwide

Fox News

Highway shootings are up across the country and police say there's no clear solution. Law enforcement departments in at least six states reported ...
University of Florida fires all DEI employees in compliance with state law

Fox News on

The University of Florida is terminating all DEI positions and administrative appointments in compliance with state law, according to a memo it sent ...
Federal judge blocks Texas' immigration enforcement law SB 4: Here's what's next


Judge David Ezra decided to enjoin Senate Bill 4, which would have enforced a new set of immigration laws, from going into effect next week.
Tough Texas immigration law nears. Residents have questions.

Christian Science Monitor

If a new Texas law goes into effect next week, it will set up dueling immigration systems. Concerns abound over how this will work.
US Supreme Court weighing Texas social media law's constitutionality. Here's what we know.

USA Today

Chris Marchese, representing NetChoice, said Florida and Texas "can’t force websites to curate, display, and spread their preferred content."
US law professor suggests Biden is genetically predisposed to commit crimes

The Independent on

Jonathan Turley said that recent legal troubles for the Bidens may be ‘something of a family trait acquired through generations of natural selection’


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